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Share your time and talents with healthcare volunteering. When you give, you get back in a big way. We value our volunteers—they help make us successful every day. When you become one of us, we pair you with a position that lets you make the maximum impact.

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Make your caring count

Share compassion with the whole community.

Volunteer at Maple Grove Hospital

When you volunteer at Maple Grove Hospital, you are an integral part of our daily success and off-the-charts customer satisfaction. We get to know you well and welcome you to the Maple Grove Hospital family, tailoring your volunteer experience and creating a better community for all.

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Volunteer at North Memorial Health Hospital

You don’t need your MD to make a difference in healthcare. Our volunteers count—improving customer experiences and strengthening our local community all at once. Our multiple volunteer opportunities put you in a spot that makes sense for you—and allow our customers to feel better.

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